The Top Cybersecurity Threats for 2017 #1

2017-12-26 18:37:59 | In 2017 hackers weren't slackers. The threats – and the attacks – kept coming in rapidfire. In a year drowning in threats, these newbies made their mark.
EternalBlue: Since 2016, the mysterious threat group known as The Shadow Brokers has been leaking a trove of cyber weapons apparently stolen from the NSA. Of these purloined hacking tools, perhaps none has been more damaging than EternalBlue, a remote code execution exploit that leverages SMB vulnerabilities in Windows operating systems. Microsoft scrambled to issue an emergency patch in March 2017, one month before The Shadow Brokers published the tool. But as always, users were slow to patch, setting the stage for some highly damaging exploit attacks in the coming months that would reignite a long-running debate over the practice of intelligence agencies hoarding zero-day vulnerabilities